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For me, one of the best places to invest in land is in the Sulphur Springs Valley including Willcox, Kansas Settlement, Sunsites and Pearce in Cochise County, Arizona. The area has one of the largest aquifers in the state and is a major agricultural area. Most of the land I purchase for investment is ideal for growing wine grapes, yet it is also zoned residential. So if you want to live in wine country or start a vineyard or winery of your own, I welcome you to do so.

Rural land can be an excellent investment vehicle. In the last five years of buying and selling land, I have been involved in the purchase and sale of over 3500 acres of land whether for myself or acting as a broker for one of my clients. Keep in mind that we do not buy just any parcel . . . our focus is quality. The right location, zoning, proximity to power, topography, soil types, air drainage, water availability are all key factors in determining a high yield return for the investor.

The novice and seasoned investor alike are experiencing great success in this 'niche' of real estate investing. For instance, my first land deal was 120 acres that I purchased for $2500 per acre or $300,000. I split it up into 5 parcels: four 20-acre parcels and one 40-acre parcel. I have since sold the four 20-acre parcels for $5000 per acre or $100,000 each for a total of $400,000. My initial profit was $100,000 over the original cost of the land. The remaining 40 acre parcel is mine free and clear and is currently valued at $300,000 if I were to sell it now (recent sales of the same 20-acre parcels have been resold for $7500 per acre). So to date, on that one deal, I have essentially grossed $400,000. After I paid for the survey, road installation, debris removal, a water company and commissions, I figure I will net about $300,000 or about 200% return on investment.  That return is held in the 40-acre parcel that I have decided to hold long term.  I will not pay taxes on that profit until I sell it. As property values continue to rise in the future, so will my return.  The real money in land is in the long term hold.

I can show you how to do the same thing.

I also used to publish a magazine about Arizona Vineyards and Wineries - AZ Wine LIfestyle (previously Arizona Vines & Wines). The magazine began as a simple eight-page brochure listing all the current vineyards and wineries in the area that also served as vehicle to advertise my land for sale. Well, the response was so great that I decided to grow it into an actual magazine. In 2014, my wife and I sold the magazine but in continues today. The magazine has done a great service to the industry in getting the word out about the success of wineries in Arizona (over 90 licensed and bonded wineries to date) and has also given me many leads for my business.

Be sure to check out the whole site and find all the information we've provided as a resource for the Willcox Wine Country region. We're sure you'll come back again and again to see what's been updated and also to utilize the many great resources we've provided. For more information about the vineyards and wineries throughout the entire state of Arizona, be sure to visit and utilize the resources that have been provided there as well.

If you want to learn more, give me a call and we’ll arrange a private tour of the area. I'll help you find the right investment vehicle - whether you're looking for a long-term hold investment piece, an investment for your retirement in a vineyard-ready parcel of land or if you're ready to plant your own vines, start a winery or buy an existing vineyard. This has been my life’s work for the last five years; I am the expert in this niche.

Please enjoy the site and have a great day!

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